Customize Your Ring with Colored Gemstones July 29 2016

You know you want a unique ring and you're pretty sure that you're interested in a colored gemstone--but where do you go from there? What are your ethical options?

We have a wide range of ethical gemstones to select from, with two newly available options!

Chatham Padaradscha Sapphires

Pink stones have been increasing in popularity in recent years, but many available options aren't hard enough to hold up to daily or near daily wear in a ring setting. We have a wide range of Padparadscha sapphires available to us, ranging from light pinks and peachs to more vivid pinks and fiery orange reds, in a wide range of cuts and sizes to fit our Engagement Ring settings.

4mm Chatham Padparadscha Sapphire Crown Solitaire Engagement Ring

Peach Chatham Padparadscha Sapphire Cushion

5mm Rustic Cushion Engagement Ring, 14k Rose, Light Peach Padparadscha Sapphire

padparadscha sapphires

5mm Rustic Cushion Engagement Ring, 14k White, Light Pink Padparadscha Sapphire

chatham padparadscha and chatham morganite

Can you tell the difference?

We get a lot questions asking about creating custom engagement rings with morganite, which has a tendency to chip over the course of its lifetime, making less than ideal for setting in a ring. That's why we had Chatham color match a Padparadscha sapphire for us! The stone on the right is Chatham Morganite and the left is our color-matched Chatham Padparadscha Sapphire! It has the same color and look as the Morganite option, but with a resistance to chip and scratching, so there's no need to worry about damaging your ring!

Don't see the color you're looking for? Our Chatham Sapphires are also available in a wide range of colors, shades, and cuts--send us a message or check out more of our available options here! Looking for a natural, ethical sapphire? Take a look at our Montana and Australia round cut options!

Grey Moissanite

These limited edition stones have a very unique look and color! Because of the way that moissanite is grown, its inclusions present as needle-like, which give the grey moissanite a cloudiness similar to black and raw diamonds, making them a great (and ethical) alternative.

As these are a limited edition product, our supply is also limited. Please contact us for availability or for an estimate.

grey moissanite cushions, 5mm

grey moissanite, 5mm round

Not quite sure what you're looking for, but interested in doing some more research? Read about 4 Ways to Choose an Ethical Diamond and Lab-Grown Gemstones!

Wedding Ring Profiles / Cross Sections April 06 2015

What is a ring profile anyways? A ring profile is also known as a cross section. Here's one way to think about it – imagine that you put a ring on a cutting board, chopped it in half, then looked at the exposed edge. That would be the profile. Sometimes when you are looking at rings in person, the differences are hard to determine, so we've god these diagrams to help you out. 

Wedding Band Profiles / Cross Sections

The Flat Band is flat on all sides, whereas the Comfort Fit Flat Band has a rounded inner edge. Flat bands are also sometimes referred to as pipe cut. The Edgeless Band is flat on the face but has all the corners rounded. The Hand-carved Classic Band is similar to a traditional wedding band, but has an oval cross section which makes it very comfortable. The Chunky Hand-carved Classic Band is the same as the regular Hand-carved Classic, but thicker.  

Simple Wedding Band Profiles / Cross Sections


A Classic Band has a rounded exterior and a flat interior. Classic Bands are also sometimes referred to as half-round and low-dome. The Comfort Fit Classic Band and the Light Weight Comfort Fit Classic Bands have a slightly domed exterior and and rounded inner edge. 

And here is an illustration explaining the terms for the different dimensions of a band.


Simple Bands by Aide-Memoire Jewelry August 06 2014

We are adding a new line to Aide-Mémoire Jewelry: Simple Bands. Simple Bands are custom-made to order, and are crafted in the United States with 100% SCS certified recycled metal. Since they are not made in-house, it affords lower prices and faster lead times than our handmade bands--taking just 3-4 weeks from the time of order.

(Note: Our handmade in-house rings will have a lead-time of 8-10 weeks, now through mid/late-November, due to travel and teaching an extensive concentrated Metals workshop at Penland School of Crafts in the Fall.)

Clockwise from top left: 6mm Slim Classic in 10k Yellow Gold (shiny), 6mm Slim Classic in 10k Yellow Gold (brushed), 5mm Hammer
Textured Slim Classic in 10k Yellow Gold (brushed), 5mm Hammer Textured Slim Classic in 10k Yellow Gold (shiny)

Simple bands will be offered in a variety of customizations including:
• Men's & Women's styles

• 10k, 14k, or 18k Gold (Rose, Yellow or White), Sterling Silver, and 950 Palladium
• Brushed & shiny finish

Simple band will also be available in a variety of styles including:
• Slim Fitting Flat Band
• Comfort Fit Flat Band
• Hammer Textured Flat Band
• Slim Classic Band
• Classic Band
• Comfort Fit Classic Band
• Hammer Textured Classic Band

We're very excited about this brand new line. Some styles are available now, with more being added in the next couple of weeks. Please email us with any questions you may have! 


Custom Made Rings and Sets January 20 2014

In 2013 I had the opportunity to work with a lot of great customers creating bespoke rings. Here are some of the custom rings and wedding band sets that I made in 2013. One of my favorites was a ring for my friend Kristen. Her (now) husband Bob contacted me about a surprise engagement ring, and it was so fun to work on an engagement ring for a friend. 

Diamond and Rose Gold Engagement Ring for Kristen

Kristen's Ethical Diamond and Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Kristen's Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Engagement ring + Wedding Band

Polka Dot Wedding Band for Ellie and Emily

Aquamarine and 14k White Gold Engagement Ring

Then later (post-wedding) Ellie decided to surprise Emily with an engagement ring. It's 14k white gold with an aquamarine.

14k Yellow Gold and Peridot Ring

Another fun one for a friend. This ring was given to my friend KT for Christmas from her 3 year old son. It's 14k yellow gold with a peridot (Perry's birthstone). 

14k yellow gold bridal wedding ring set.

14k yellow gold and white sapphire engagement ring and wedding band set for Oliver in Spain. 

palladium and rose gold wedding band set

Who says a wedding band set has to match? Palladium ring for Leigh, and rose gold ring for Nora.

palladium and rose gold wedding band set

Another mis-matched set. 

Palladium Yellow Gold and White Gold Wedding Band Set

Then the smallest rings I've made to date were these two in a size 2.5. 

14k Palladium White Gold

I loved this set. Same metal and shape with different textures. I think that is a great way to represent the connection between two unique individuals. 

14k White & Yellow Gold Ring

For this one she wanted a ring that looked like it was changing colors from white gold to yellow gold. 

These rings are all about the contrast. They have a rounded interior and mostly flat exterior. Then a shiny smooth inside and the textured matte outside.