Wedding Ring Profiles / Cross Sections April 06 2015

What is a ring profile anyways? A ring profile is also known as a cross section. Here's one way to think about it – imagine that you put a ring on a cutting board, chopped it in half, then looked at the exposed edge. That would be the profile. Sometimes when you are looking at rings in person, the differences are hard to determine, so we've god these diagrams to help you out. 

Wedding Band Profiles / Cross Sections

The Flat Band is flat on all sides, whereas the Comfort Fit Flat Band has a rounded inner edge. Flat bands are also sometimes referred to as pipe cut. The Edgeless Band is flat on the face but has all the corners rounded. The Hand-carved Classic Band is similar to a traditional wedding band, but has an oval cross section which makes it very comfortable. The Chunky Hand-carved Classic Band is the same as the regular Hand-carved Classic, but thicker.  

Simple Wedding Band Profiles / Cross Sections


A Classic Band has a rounded exterior and a flat interior. Classic Bands are also sometimes referred to as half-round and low-dome. The Comfort Fit Classic Band and the Light Weight Comfort Fit Classic Bands have a slightly domed exterior and and rounded inner edge. 

And here is an illustration explaining the terms for the different dimensions of a band.


4 Ways to Choose an Ethical Diamond January 12 2015

You know that you want an ethically and environmentally conscious diamond. That’s great! But if you are like many people out there, knowing precisely what that means is an entirely different story. What exactly is a conflict-free diamond? How is a diamond gemstone related to environmental risk? Here is a guide designed to explain the separate characteristics and benefits of the four types of diamonds that we offer. We’ve very carefully chosen these diamonds to work with because they have minimal environmental impact and high labor standards – we only select sources where workers are treated well and paid fairly.

Octagon Ring with Recycled DiamondsOctagon Ring with Recycled Diamonds

Recycled Diamonds

A “recycled” or second-hand diamond is our standard conflict-free diamond option. It is one that has already been previously mined. These classic beauties are meticulously graded, re-polished and buffed to their original sheen and luster to be placed in new settings. A recycled diamond is, on average, significantly less expensive than a new one. By choosing a recycled diamond, you are not contributing to the more than 150 million carats of new diamonds that are mined from the earth each year. Unlike lab-grown diamonds, second-hand diamonds also have greater availability. But, perhaps one of the best features of recycled diamonds is the allure of time; these gemstones have the aura of having seen different decades and periods in history. It is rare, but some recycled gemstones are so old that they were cut by hand directly at a mine more than a hundred years ago!

Classic Band with Lab-grown Flush-set DiamondClassic Band with Lab-grown Flush-set Diamond

Lab-grown diamonds have several great features that make them another ideal choice for socially and environmentally conscious brides and grooms to be. They are typically twenty to thirty percent less expensive than newly mined diamonds, have extensive options for customization in size, cut, clarity, and color, while still maintaining the exact same chemical composition of a natural diamond. New diamonds from heavily sourced, conflict-zone locations further pollute the surrounding environment and often place mineworkers in danger for shockingly low wages. In contrast, the lab-grown diamonds we work with are created in the Netherlands. No water or air pollution result from their production and only a modest amount of energy is consumed. For this process, they primarily use renewable resources.

Three Stone Ring with Champagne DiamondsThree Stone Ring with Austrlian Champagne Diamonds

If a newly-mined natural diamond is your choice, then choosing a mine that ethically sources diamonds is key. We only work with two diamond dealers for newly-mined diamonds who have proven that they adhere to the highest labor and environmental standards with mine to market traceability. They go far beyond the requirements of the Kimberly Process, which aims to prevent any “conflict” diamonds from entering the marketplace, but relying on the Kimberly Process alone is not enough to insure that a diamond is conflict-free. 

Newly-Mined Canadian Diamonds

Newly-mined diamonds from the Canadian Arctic must adhere to strict standards outlined by the Canadian Code of Conduct and other government authorities. They are all certified as conflict-free and must be cut and polished responsibly. Employees in the industry are paid fair wages, and efforts are made to reduce negative environmental impact as much as possible.

Newly-Mined Australian Diamonds

Similar to Canadian-mined diamonds, newly-mined Australian diamonds are also subject to closely monitored standards that value socially ethical and environmentally responsible practices. One of the more unique aspects of Australian-mined diamonds is the array of natural colors available. They range from translucent yellows, soft chocolate browns, and other earth-tone varieties.

Square Solitaire Engagement Ring with Recycled DiamondSquare Solitaire Engagement Ring with Recycled Diamond


In our efforts to provide the very best ethically and environmentally conscious diamond options to our customers, we adhere to the strictest standards of traceability that sometimes limit the availability of certain gemstone cuts. Raw diamonds and black diamonds are typically hard to secure as they very often can be traced back to conflict-zones. However, we are more than happy to work with you in your search for the perfect diamond regardless of your varied needs.

3mm Classic Engagement Ring with Recycled Diamond3mm Classic Engagement Ring with Recycled Diamond


Diamonds larger than .23 carats, which is approximately 4mm in diameter, typically come with a certificate outlining the stone’s grading for cut, color, clarity, carat weight, and origin. Diamonds smaller than this carat weight are considered “melee” and are traditionally loosely graded and will not be paired with an accompanying certificate.

If you would like a diamond other than our standard recycled diamond option, or have any questions regarding specific aspects concerning carat weight and other factors, please feel free to contact us! We will work one-on-one with you to determine your best available options. We can either work with information you supply us, or we can do all the hard “sleuthing” and come up with an ethically and socially responsible diamond we know you will love forever.



Custom Made Rings and Sets January 20 2014

In 2013 I had the opportunity to work with a lot of great customers creating bespoke rings. Here are some of the custom rings and wedding band sets that I made in 2013. One of my favorites was a ring for my friend Kristen. Her (now) husband Bob contacted me about a surprise engagement ring, and it was so fun to work on an engagement ring for a friend. 

Diamond and Rose Gold Engagement Ring for Kristen

Kristen's Ethical Diamond and Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Kristen's Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Engagement ring + Wedding Band

Polka Dot Wedding Band for Ellie and Emily

Aquamarine and 14k White Gold Engagement Ring

Then later (post-wedding) Ellie decided to surprise Emily with an engagement ring. It's 14k white gold with an aquamarine.

14k Yellow Gold and Peridot Ring

Another fun one for a friend. This ring was given to my friend KT for Christmas from her 3 year old son. It's 14k yellow gold with a peridot (Perry's birthstone). 

14k yellow gold bridal wedding ring set.

14k yellow gold and white sapphire engagement ring and wedding band set for Oliver in Spain. 

palladium and rose gold wedding band set

Who says a wedding band set has to match? Palladium ring for Leigh, and rose gold ring for Nora.

palladium and rose gold wedding band set

Another mis-matched set. 

Palladium Yellow Gold and White Gold Wedding Band Set

Then the smallest rings I've made to date were these two in a size 2.5. 

14k Palladium White Gold

I loved this set. Same metal and shape with different textures. I think that is a great way to represent the connection between two unique individuals. 

14k White & Yellow Gold Ring

For this one she wanted a ring that looked like it was changing colors from white gold to yellow gold. 

These rings are all about the contrast. They have a rounded interior and mostly flat exterior. Then a shiny smooth inside and the textured matte outside.