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Compare + Contrast: Hand-carved Classic Band & Comfort Fit Classic Simple Band

Compare + Contrast: Hand-carved Classic Band & Comfort Fit Classic Simple Band

Let's be honest—even with great photography, it can be difficult to tell differences between things online, let alone being able to see the minor differences between something as small as a wedding band. One of the most common questions we get, both online and in-person, is about the differences between our Hand-carved Classic Bands, the Lightweight Comfort Fit Classic Simple Bands and the Comfort-fit Classic Simple Band.


From above: 6mm Hand-carved Classic Band (left) in 14k Yellow Gold, 6mm Comfort Fit Classic Simple Band (right) in 14k White Gold

Both bands have a rounded, comfort fit interior and a "classic" rounded exterior band shape. The Hand-carved Classic Band is approximately 1.7mm thick, the Lightweight Comfort-fit Classic Simple Band is also 1.7mm thick. Whereas the Comfort-fit Classic Simple Band style is a little bit thicker (approximately 2.2mm thick) and, thus, feels a little bit heavier/heftier because there's slightly more material between your fingers.

In both images: Hand-carved Classic (left) and Comfort Fit Classic Simple Band (right) 

Our Hand-carved Classic Band styles are made, as the name suggests, by hand with an initial wax model. This process translates to the finished product yielding a softer, more organically shaped ring with more of a handmade look and feel, whereas the Simple Bands are made on a computer-operated lathe. This gives the band a much more perfect, uniform look and feel. 

4mm Hand-carved Classic (left), 5mm Comfort Fit Classic Simple Band (right)

While both bands have a similarly shallow exterior curve, the edges of each band differ. The Hand-carved Classic Band's edges taper to a more gradual, rounded shape, while the Comfort Fit Classic Simple Band has a more distinct walled edge on either side.

The last difference is each band's lead time, which is the amount of time that it takes after an order is placed for us to be able to make and ship an order. While both rings are made-to-order with recycled metals in your choice of metal/width/ring size, the Simple Band styles on our website are made for us by another company. This means that they can ship within one to three weeks of ordering, versus five weeks for the Hand-carved Classic Bands.

4mm Hand-carved Classic (left), 5mm Comfort Fit Classic Simple Band (right)

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